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Hessa Al-Binali

Hessa Al-Binali

Multipotentialite | 1 st Female paramotor & Paratrike pilot in Qatar | Paramotor Instructor

Hi ! I am Hessa ..

I share my daily flying routine, information, and my other hobbies.

Who is Hessa

About Hessa

Hessa is a multipotentialite and paramotor instructor who loves to fly. She's always looking for new challenges, and she's always up for trying something new. She hopes to inspire others to find their own wings!


β˜… Master of science in marketing - 2021

β˜… Bachelor in marketing and management - 2016

Air sports related

β˜… 1st Female Paramotor pilot in Qatar πŸ‡ΆπŸ‡¦

β˜… 1st Female Paratrike pilot | solo and tandem in ME

β˜… 1st Paramotor Female instructor in ME

β˜… Helped train many ladies in Qatar to become a Paramotor pilot

β˜… Part of SKYMASTERS pilots team

β˜… Part of APPI professionals

Past experiences and other hobbies

β˜… Piano player 🎹

β˜… Artist 🎨

β˜… Graphic designing

β˜… Photography & videography πŸ“·

β˜… Used to be a rifle shooter at Qatar national team (2008 - 2019)🎯


Contact me

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